At Momentum ABA we provide a wide range of services to meet the varying needs of families and individuals. We also provide services to providers looking to enter the field like BCBA candidate supervision. Please click the services below that you’re interested in learning about to find out more about how we can help!

Research shows that children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder demonstrate increased rates of aggressive and/or challenging behaviors. In behavior analysis we have effective tools to help teach and maintain alternative, more adaptive behaviors. By evaluating the function your child’s problem behavior serves and the factors that maintain them, we are able to establish more helpful, alternative behaviors to meet their needs! We are trained in treating a wide range of challenging behaviors. Call today to see how we can help!

As a child’s palate develops and they are introduced to an increasing number of tastes, textures, and food, some parents notice a desire for sameness or rigidity in accepting and trying these new foods. Concerns surrounding aversions to foods and textures is not uncommon. Several new research studies have highlighted the effects of food expansion programs using principles of reinforcement and other ABA procedures in order to help reduce a child’s food selectivity. Additionally, some children eat non-food items or items with little nutritional value which cause concern in parents.

Matthew collaborates with parents and pediatricians to incorporate reduction of food selectivity, increasing the range of food items eaten, and encouraging healthy food habits. If your child struggles to try new foods ask if behavior analysis services may be right to expand your child’s range of foods accepted.

Momentum ABA strives to provide high quality parent support through coaching and training. We work with parents in-home to help them carry out the principles of ABA and learn and implement these strategies. Parent training involves providing education and background information on ABA principles (I.e., behavior shaping, reinforcement) and strategies. Helping parents understand the conceptualization behind the behaviors is the foundation for parent training. Parent coaching is the bridge between knowledge and in the moment application. During this phase of treatment your BCBA is present during in the moment application of these skills, available to provide feedback. These two elements together maximize the therapeutic benefit for clients. It’s like sports; going to practice and learning the skills would be one thing, but playing and seeing your skill in action in the game is another.

Momentum ABA offers supervision experience for qualified candidates seeking BACB supervision hours as part of their training to become a BCBA, BCaBA, or RBT. Supervision is provided by a Qualified Supervisor (per the BACB). Momentum ABA will help you obtain skill mastery of Fourth Edition Task List items. Remote supervision with in vivo components is available. If you are interested in learning more about supervision opportunities with Momentum ABA, call to discuss further.

Momentum ABA understands that the conditions in every environment are different. We offer consultation in schools and aftercare in order to support your family wherever your challenges exist or you wish to see successes generalize. We work with teachers, administrative staff and other care providers to maximize consistency between what we are working together to accomplish outside of that setting. We also work to target behaviors that exist specifically in school or in aftercare, like challenges integrating or general noncompliance with rules.  If you believe your child could benefit from additional support at school or in aftercare, call now to discuss how Momentum ABA can develop strategies to encourage success.

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is required for any child in public schools who receives special education or related services. The meetings can be very stressful and sometimes challenging to determine if your child is truly receiving an individualized plan. Since IEPs are the cornerstone of a quality education, it is important you have the support to ensure your child’s plan maximizes their benefits and the school’s abilities. You are an integral member of the process and are entitled to request that individuals with specialized knowledge and expertise are involved in the writing of an IEP. We have the experience of being involved in countless IEP programs both as a provider and being consulted in the development of IEPs. Call today to discuss ways Momentum ABA can advocate for you and your child throughout the process.

For some people, completing activities of daily living (getting dressed, hygiene, feeding, etc.) is just second nature, and for others, these tasks can feel like huge feats.  Momentum ABA teaches complex skills by breaking them down into smaller parts to help achieve mastery!  We utilize principles of reinforcement, behavior chaining, and shaping through discrete trial trainings (providing the opportunity to practice skills in a structured setting) and in natural environments. By encouraging the behavior to occur through prompting and reinforcement, students can learn to get ready in the morning to go out to school, settle into a nightly routine, and a host of other more complex independent living skills.  Give us a chance to help your loved one gain independence by contacting us today.

Social and communication deficits exist for many people on the Autism spectrum, as such functional communication training (FCT) is a key component of many individualized treatment plans. Even when children are verbal, FCT can be integral in helping overcome a wide range of problem behaviors. In FCT we help identify a more appropriate alternate (i.e., asking for “help please”) to the problem behavior (i.e., throwing materials when frustrated). Here, a new behavior accomplishes the same thing, (i.e., teacher attention) and ultimately a reduction in the problem behavior.  Functional communication training developed in 1985 by Carr and Durand and has a large evidence base. FCT is one of the most effective and commonly used interventions. This strategy is considered a positive behavioral support because it includes building new skills. FCT can be used to address a broad range of concerns and increase functional communication in non or less verbal children. Call today to see how it can help with the challenges your family is facing.


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