Functional Communication

Social and communication deficits exist for many people on the Autism spectrum, as such functional communication training (FCT) is a key component of many individualized treatment plans. Even when children are verbal, FCT can be integral in helping overcome a wide range of problem behaviors. In FCT we help identify a more appropriate alternate (i.e., asking for “help please”) to the problem behavior (i.e., throwing materials when frustrated). Here, a new behavior accomplishes the same thing, (i.e., teacher attention) and ultimately a reduction in the problem behavior.  Functional communication training developed in 1985 by Carr and Durand and has a large evidence base. FCT is one of the most effective and commonly used interventions. This strategy is considered a positive behavioral support because it includes building new skills. FCT can be used to address a broad range of concerns and increase functional communication in non or less verbal children. Call today to see how it can help with the challenges your family is facing.


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